Translate To Tech

My name is David Mintz, and Translate To Tech is the culmination of my 25-plus years of experience as a CTO, developer, and consultant. Well, while “consultant” is technically accurate, it’s an overused word these days, and it doesn’t really describe the range or impact of what I do. I prefer the nickname a few clients have given me: the Tech Whisperer.

After graduating from Touro College in New York with a bachelor’s degree in business leadership and computer science, I started working as a developer. Soon I realized I wanted to chart my own professional journey, so I founded Systemtune, Inc., where I handpicked an exceptional team to develop sophisticated websites and SaaS. One of these projects turned into a 16-year collaboration with Jack Jaffa and Associates, a real estate firm that started as a five-person team, had massive growth, and eventually hired me as full-time CTO. In 2021, I was ready to get back to my roots as a consultant working with a variety of select clients, and from that, Translate to Tech was born.

As someone who’s been on both the tech and C-suite sides of developing many major SaaS projects, I’m uniquely positioned to help guide teams through that process, establishing a roadmap to success and facilitating communication throughout. I thrive on new challenges—my latest hobbies are jiujitsu and fire dancing—and on the process of bringing an exceptional SaaS to fruition, from creation to launch and at every stage in between.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you guide your project to success.