Translate To Tech

Any successful SaaS development project requires a strong working relationship between the leadership and development teams. These two groups of talented individuals, with largely separate knowledge bases and skill sets, try to understand each other, but often it soon becomes apparent that communication has broken down and that the product in its current form is simply unworkable. Management is upset over missed deadlines and hemorrhaging funds, the dev team feels unappreciated, and the investors are frustrated. The result is either an abandoned project or, at the very least, a loss of time in getting to market—which gives the competition an edge.

I’m David Mintz, and my service, Translate To Tech, is the answer. As someone familiar with all levels of SaaS development, I help leadership clarify goals, create a detailed scope of work, and bridge the communication gap between leadership and dev teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Usually this prevents problems, but when they do occur, I help team members utilize their own strengths to resolve those problems in a positive, productive way. Everyone feels heard, respected, and secure that we are taking the steps to succeed and scale throughout.

Think of Translate To Tech as an insurance policy against failures, delays, financial losses, and interpersonal conflict. With Translate To Tech there from the beginning—100 percent committed to your success and offering guidance and support every step of the way—you’ll cross the finish line on time, on budget, and with a beautifully realized SaaS product.

Contact me to discuss how Translate To Tech can help you guide your project to ultimate success.